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Monday, March 2, 2009

Welcome to Printemps des Poètes, Berlin09

The first Printemps des Poètes is going take place in Berlin from 02nd to 15th March 2009.
From 2nd to 15th March there are poetic mini-activities and larger projects in many districts of Berlin.

The idea comes from the French society Printemps des Poètes (; in French only) which propagates poetry: i.e. schooling of librarians and teachers, support with publication issuses for poets, archiving poetry and poetic activites. Each spring it calls for a festival of poetry with a given theme. The theme this year is „en rires“ („laughter“). Anyone can participate: the general public, pupils, societies, shops, cultural institutions. That is the aim: everyone becomes a poetry messenger.

Printemps des Poètes, Berlin09 is an initiative of cultural manager Catherine Launay with the support of poetry mediator Nicola Caroli. Printemps des Poètes, Berlin09 presents itself as an international and interdisciplinary action, which generates a reflection about the nature of poetry and invites people to express different ideas and images about poetry.

There is no fixed programme, Printemps des Poètes, Berlin09 is open for everyone. From public activities, spontaneous happenings to organised workshops and events everything is possible. Participating can also mean providing a space for the activities or to act as networker for Printemps des Poètes, Berlin09. An activity can last a minute, be a one-off event or take place over the whole two weeks.

Printemps des Poètes, Berlin09 takes on the public relations, you take on the organisation for your activity. You are the hosts of Printemps des Poètes, Berlin09. You decide what's poetic.

If you want more information, please send me an e-mail: See you there!

Catherine Launay,
Cultural Manager for poetry performance/dance/sound art in Berlin


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