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Monday, January 26, 2009


Katrin Alt, was born in Celle and lives in Berlin since many years. After finishing her study of Visual Communication at the Berlin University of the Arts she works as a graphic designer. Besides she works with photography and illustration.

Anders A. Bachmann
is born in Leipzig and lives in Berlin since 2001. After finishing study in 2007 he works as Illustrator and Graphic-Designer. Together with Tina Wamsganz he explores his artistic ideas.

Cécile Belmont
(1975) is a French visual artist based in Berlin. She studied textil design in Paris and painting in Buenos Aires. Her work ranges from wall installation, embroideries, clothing to urban interventions, acting in this way in different contexts and relationships to the audience. From the street into the gallery and from the gallery on to the street.

Missoum Boumedienne
is an Algerian journalist, who's been living in Germany since 1994. He is co-founder of the Algerian league for human rights in Algeria. Missoum writes poems in French.

Nicola Caroli born in Freiburg 1965, emigrated to Great Britain and returned to Germany in 1996. Since then she's been creating spaces for poetry, mostly in the form of perfomances. She also passes poetry on to children and young people and intends to do lots more of that.

Marie Chartron after the study in philosophy and art, Marie Chartron specializes in sound. She is working for film, video and installation.

Alessandro De Francesco poet and sound artist, was born 1981 in Pisa, lives in Lyon. Besides writing and developing multimedia concepts, he studied Philosophy, Literature and Music in France, Germany and Italy. His first book of poetry, Lo spostamento degli oggetti, was published with Anterem in January 2008.
De Francesco presented his work in several cities all over Europe and in the U.S.

Gaëlle de Radiguès born in 1972 in Brussels. After studying Economics, she changes direction to start photography. She works 4 years as Culture management for Brussels European Capital of Culture 2000 where she develops her interest for the concept and the reality of cities.
In 2001 she moves to Berlin where she studies theology and attends as well the class of Dieter Appelt at the UdK. Between 2003 and 2006, she initiates and curates different projects in her neighborhood in Neukölln (cinema, gallery, dance event). Actually, she works on a book for children about the city of Berlin.

Theodor di Ricco Art study in Sacramento and Paris. Since 1987 curator and manager of the Gallery SoToDo, which has been invited to various cities in the world; Seoul, Montreal, Paris, Innsbruck, Sacramento and Berlin. Participation for more than 20 years at various performance and visual art events around the world. Author of the novel 'Sick Sakraments' 2004.

Ricardo Domeneck was born in the state of São Paulo, Brazil and lives in Berlin. He has published the volumes of poems "Carta aos anfíbios" (2005) and "a cadela sem Logos" (2007), and works with video and sound poetry. He is the co-editor of Hilda Magazine (Germany) and Modo de Usar & Co. (Brazil).

Jessica "Jesse" Falzoi born in Hamburg in 1969, writer; member of "The Return of the Cowboy Philosopher".

Ariadne Ghabél Ariadne‘s roots are in Shiraz, Georgia and Germany. She studied law and became a breath teacher and life-coach. Her passion is transformation, through breath, love and poetry.

Anna Görner
Freelance multi-media designer since 1998. Lives and works in Berlin, sharing her experiences with students and in workshops.

Katia Hermann
is coming from Paris, living in Berlin since 2001. She is curating exhibitions, translating movie projects and she loves to organize events about art. She paints, film and takes pictures when she has time left.

Tobias Herold born 1983 in Bad Mergentheim, lives and works in Berlin. He attended literature and law studies at FUB, mainly writes poetry. One of his current projects is an essay about the patterns on seats in Berlin public transportation vehicles; he co-curates the series of theory-events Schleusen at ausland. Herold's first book of poetry, Kruste, will presumably be published in September 2009 as part of Edition Lyrik der Jahrtausendwende at Elfenbein Verlag.

Paolo Ingrosso guitarist and composer of contemporary and electroacoustic music, was born 1980 in Pisa, lives in Bologna. Having graduated in classic guitar, electronic music (both Milan) and Composition (Conversatory of Bologna), Ingrosso appears as guitarist in concerts and composes different pieces of music for both classical and modern instruments that were performed or recorded by soloists and groups in diverse contexts in Italy and abroad. Interdisciplinary collaborations.

Georg Kakelbeck Painter, lyric poet, streetartist. He brings poetry to urban environment. Since 1999 happenings with Petrus Akkordeon and publishing under the name of "Kunstkampfverlag".

Odile Kennel was born in the southwest of Germany as a product of a German/French jumelage and lives in Berlin. She has published "Wimpernflug" in 2000, and is co-editor of the French/German magazine La mer gelée. She has translated poets from French and Portuguese, for example Jean Portante, Adília Lopes and Arnaldo Antunes.

Brigitte Krämer born in Tübingen. She lived in Germany, Holland and Ireland and now she lives in Berlin. Her present occupations are sound composition, programming and photography.

Catherine Launay was born in Châtellerault, Frankreich. She's working with artists from different fields: performance, dance, sound art, theatre, music. Current projects are: Stimuline by Lynn Pook and Julien Clauss, France - Berlin; Wüste Wüste, after the novel Autumn in Peking by Boris Vian, a multidisciplinary opera à la low-fi, winner of "operare 08" in Berlin.

Remo V. Lotano studied at the Savannah College of Art and Design before coming to Berlin where he continued his education at the Technical University of Berlin.

Tom Mars born 1975 in Paderborn and living in Berlin since 1998. He performs in reading groups and for Poetry Slams and organizes suchlike events. In his texts he likes to highlight hitherto unknown parallel worlds to his audience. In 2000 his novel "Berlin City Disco Boys" was published by rosa Winkel.

Kerstin Parlow born in Germany, studied Photography in Mt Carmel, USA, and Bielefeld.
After living in Australia and Egypt, she settled in Berlin ten years ago, where she has since worked as a photographer and writer. Current projects include Omi und Fritz, a book featuring correspondence between her grandparents during the war, as well as a photography book about Berlin.

Paradox Paul born London. Reluctant host of experimental reading events and other misadventures. Failed at school, failed in love; writes intermittently about great themes and useless ones. Moved to Berlin in ‘92, squatted houses, smoked cannabis, painted walls, invented Berlin Big Chairs, opened Wallywoods. Plays keyboard with a hammer, owns no pets and sleeps a lot. Is now writing his memoirs and looking for a wife to read them to.

Céline Robinet is writer and as KaCoSónia the french slam-poetin in Berlin. Two short story books have been published in France. Her texts which are full of spirit and pwerfully eloquent have also appeared in numerous anthologies, for example in Blah! anthology of Slam.

Hamid Saidji is an Algerian-French filmmaker, actor and writes poems and short stories.

Sulamith Sallmann was born in 1971 Saxony, Germany. She worked as a stage hand, secretary, online-editor, pedagog, photographer and for various TV/Stage/conference jobs etc. Sulamith‘s first camera took the place of her diary and she‘s been taking photographs ever since.

Sandra Santana was born in Madrid, Spain. She has published "Marcha por el desierto" (2005) and "Es el verbo tan frágil" (2008). She is the co-founder of the collective El Águila Ediciones which investigates alternative media poetry. She also collaborates with Miguel Álvarez-Fernández in sound poetry and installations.

Jeanette Schaefer born in Berlin. Since 1996 she works as a web designer and photographer.

Annton Beate Schmidt born in 1968, in Frankfurt/Main, she works as an artist and author in Berlin. She opened up a new studio in 2008 where she regularly presents her pictures. Her showings are also integrated into more comprehensive space draughts.

SP 38 was born in the Normandy, France. Since 1995 captived in Berlin.
"He paints like a human photo copier, uses only 4 colors (blue yellow red & blue), 4 anti-depressive ideas & movements, urban poetry in the street.

Damien Spleeters was born in Charleroi, Belgium. He lives in Paris. He published the novel « Transere » in 2006, the Booklegs « AMEN » (poetry) in 2005, « ouroboros » (poetry) in 2008 and « La Prophétie » (theater) in 2008. He has performed in Brussels, Paris, Berlin, Quebec, and in festivals such as the Maelström FiEstivals.

Birgit Szepanski photographer and writer. Born in Hagen, living and working in Berlin since 2000. Graduation in fine arts and art management. She writes short stories, poems and creates b/w photographs. Her themes are: the everyday-life in cities, the ephemeral side of cities and hidden stories behind negligibility. She makes site-specific exhibitions in Berlin and writes catalogue texts for artist. Current projects are: writing a graduation on “the narrative city”; “Street Stories” – site specific projects with stories to be read on streets, and “Underground Stories” – short stories to be read during subway journeys.

Sandra Truté composer, sound researcher, noise collector and visual artist. Born (1978) in Berlin. She studied Fine Art at the Weißensee in Berlin and went between 2005 and 2007 to do her Masters at the National Academy of Art in Bergen. She is now living in Berlin again and is listening to the city - this gigantic noise generator.

Tina Wamsganz lives as a freelance writer and mixed media performer in Berlin. Currently she is working on her debut novel in context with the textwerk-Seminar of the Literaturhaus München. In her art she is interested in reality as a ritual, in existence as an autoplastic phenomenon.

Cosima Weiter lives and works in Berlin. She writes in french and german, inventing a language on the midway of her favourite ones. As a poet, she often reads her works in France and in french speaking Swiss. She takes part in the magazine BoXon since 2001. She studied electroacoustic composition in Bernard Fort’s class an composes poems in which she mixes recorded sounds with her live voice.


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