Printemps des Poètes - Berlin09

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Activities for participation:
Anything else to say?
A poetic play with words for children and adults. We're taking German classic poems to make up new poems after our own cut and paste taste. The best newly combined poems are rewarded with a book prize.
Where: Lettrétage, Methfesselstr. 23-25, Kreuzberg
Date: 08. March 2009, 04.00 p.m - 06.00 p.m
Tel.: 030 - 6924538


Collection of photos of magnet letter/word compositions
All languages are welcome, so please pass this info on to your friends around the world.
The collection will be presented on this blog.


Daniel Kulla introduces his cut-up and re-mix technique. For participation. Bring books, newspapers, flyers, instruction leaflets etc. (in German)
For more info check out
Where: wOrt, Prinzenallee 59, Wedding
Date: Monday 09. March 2009, 09.00 p.m - 12.00 p.m

Fuel: spoken word & poetry show extravaganza
Ladies night to celebrate the International Women's DAY, Fuel show, invites women poets to share and perform their work on stage.
Four lady poets will feature as guests, followed by open slam.
Registration to be a featured poet or for the slam, please contact Lady Gaby. Slammers can just register on the night!
Where: Schokoladen Club, Ackerstr 169, Mitte
Date: Sunday 8th March, 09.00 p.m start

German-English Translation Workshop
German and English Writers meet for three days and translate their work in order to increase chances to publish and networking among international writers. Afterwards we'll put together an anthology (together with illustrators and photographers) and offer it to publishing companies in Germany and abroad. The aim is also to show the variety of international English speaking writers in Berlin and make it accessible for Germans. The event will be accompanied by Valeska "Polly" Peschke, who creates a comic about the workshop which will be part of the anthology.
Where: Wonderbar, Wienerstr. 45, Kreuzberg
Date: 2nd, 4th and 6th of March 2009
Time: 06.00 p.m. - 10.00 p.m.

Guessing Letters
Take your partner, children, parents, friends and draw letters/words/sentences on their back with your finger. They have to guess what you're writing. For each new letter/word wipe the back as with a blackboard.
Contact: Birgit Patzelt

Interactive Poetry
On a website established for Printemps des Poètes, Berlin09, differents poems will be presented during the festival. The poems can be read and be listened to and one can play with individual letters for example.
Date: 02. - 15. March 2009

Loesje creative writing
Join Loesje and her friends for a creative writing session.
Don't hesitate to grip the pen, we will all write together!
Where: Karl-Kunger-Strasse 55, Treptow-Köpenick
Date: Tuesday 10th of March 2009, 07.00p.m - 10.00p.m
Tel.: 030 - 97882577 (Loesje International)

Paradox Paul's Poetry Party
Open forum for creative reader-writers in a relaxed, experimental and lightly chaotic atmosphere. Possibly heavily chaotic. Mainly English and German, but all languages welcome, not forgetting Martian. Drinks and sweeties available, but drunks will be expelled. Followed by "Wally Lounge" (Saturdays) open stage for spontaneous performers, artists meeting, DJ.
Where: Wallywoods, Kulturhaus Peter Edel, Berliner Allee 125, Weissensee
Date: Saturday, 14. March, 08.00 p.m - 01.00 a.m

Poetry collecting box
From the 2nd to the 13th of March cardboard boxes are put up at different points (stores, galleries etc.) in the area around Reuterstraße. Everyone who has an idea for a poem, sayings, or whatever occurs to him/her on the subject "laughter", is invited to leave a note. On the 14th of March the cardboard boxes will be collected, opened and all the messages packed in small bags and hung up on trees. During the last two days passers-by have the chance to pick themselves literary "surprise blossoms".
Where: Reuterkiez, Neukölln
Collecting: 02. - 13. March 2009
Event: 14. March 2009

Poetry-poster for Printemps des Poètes, Berlin 09
Anders A. Bachmann (Illustrator & graphic designer) has designed these two poetry-poster for Printemps des Poètes, Berlin09. You can print and placard them in your venue or in the city.

© Anders A. Bachmann
Datei for downloading under:

Response to Mallarmé

In December 2008 Poesie Vermittlerin Nicola Caroli gave a poetry workshop with the trainee teacher Virginie Allwardt at the Romain-Rolland-Oberschule. The pupils of class 11c collected their impressions to the poem Rondel II by Stephane Mallarmé and wrote their own poems. (To read under Documentation)


At Berlin traffic lights you find poetry: your own poems on notepaper for tearing off. Anyone who writes poetry can make a verse for the specially designed notepaper. Just write your text and fix it to the traffic lights of the city. And anyone who passes can read it, tear it off and take it with him/her and take pleasure in it on his/her way.
In the poets‘ spring, when you‘re waiting at the traffic lights anyway, take a look at poetry.
The action will be documented and shown on the website. You can also perform your poem in spoken words standing beside your paper.
StopForPoetry is an initiative of Tina Wamsganz and Anders A. Bachmann.
StopForPoetry-dummies coming under for downloading.

During teatime, 03.00 p.m to 07.00 p.m, you open your doors to friends and strangers to read your selection poetry books (even if it‘s only one or a few poems) and enjoy tea and biscuits.
Monday 02. March Cécile Belomont's flat, Erich-Weinert Strasse 3, HH, 3 recht, Prenzlauerberg (Contact: 0176 237 89 244): with poetry books in French and Spanish
Tuesday 03. March Catherine Launay's flat, Kopenhagenerstr. 36-2, Prenzlauerberg (Contact: 0163 8 666 215): with books by Pessoa in French, Portuguese and German
Thursday 05. March Nicola Caroli's flat (ring at Dahlinger/Richter), Schulzestr. 4, Pankow (Contact: 0170 38 72 906): with poetry books in many languages
Friday 06. March Carmen Rodriguez's flat (ring at Rodriguez / Sikking), Fehrbellinerstr. 85, Prenzlauerberg (Contact: 030 - 345 06 197): with poetry books in Spanish
Sunday 08. March Katrin Alt/Torsten Bessel's flat: with poetry books in German, English and Japanese
Tuesday 10. March Gaëlle de Radiguès's flat, Tieckstr. 24, Mitte (Contact: 030 - 629 866 62): with poetry books in French and English
Sunday 15. March Holger Haak's flat, Stockholmerstr. 2, Wedding: Holger Haak is reading own texts in German. As Holger is moving during that time please contact him beforhand (Contact: 0173 483 25 86)

The 1. International Kreuzkölln Slam

Spoken Word Contest: Poetry slammers present their texts in 3 groups and have a maximum time of 3 minutes to perform a self-written text. Every language possible. The group winners – determinated by the audience – take part of the final. Another text. Again 3 minutes. The author of the most loved piece then is the winner of night!
Where: wiRrwaRr, Bar-Galerie, im Urbanhof, Dieffenbachstrasse 36, Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg
Date: Friday 13 March 2009, 08.00 p.m - 10.00 p.m
Admission: 1-6 Euros – the dice decides (slammers free)

The poetic answering machine
One answering machine, who captures your poetical spirit, your notes, considerations, your poems, encouragements or reproaches, your testimonies, your suggestions...
From 02. to 15. March 2009, call this number: 030 - 499 15 245
All messages will be posted on this blog during Printemps des Poètes, Berlin09.

Workshop "Why do you laugh actually?"
With: Be van Vark (Choreography), Eike Laeuen (Photography), Anthony Schrag (Installation)
In cooperation with Literarische Colloquium Berlin
Laughter comes before language and for this reason it's one of the basic forms of human communication. Originally laughter was an aggressive posture, deriving from baring the teeth. It showed and still shows the state of your teeth and demonstrates a threat. But inside a group laughter joined people together: baring one‘s teeth to one another meant being part of a strong community and being an equal partner in a group.
Laughing has different characteristics and any kind of laughter in this world can inspire us. Laughter in the cinema, laughter that gets stuck in our throat, a fit of laughter, being laughed at and a smile.
The aim is a poetic staging, which translates the created texts into dance and integrates the created objects into what‘s happening on the stage.
Date: 02 - 06 March 2009
Showing: 06 March 2009 at 12.00 a.m.
Where: Schlesische 27, Schlesischestr. 27, Kreuzberg

Workshop with Poetryfilm for people aged 10 - 16 years
Direction: Antonia Isabelle Weisz
Proposed participating artists: Text: Antonia Isabelle Weisz; Animation: Thurit Kremer; Painting: Sandra Rubies; Music: Christoph Renner
There is Poetry and Poems. There are films. What is Poetry film? A third artistic form of expression. A new third space, which emerges from the encounter of the two. A poem is illustrated and interpreted and so it gets a new skin apart from the page.
Date: 09 -13 March 2009
Showing: 13 March 2009 at 12.00 a.m.
Where: Schlesische 27, Schlesischestr. 27, Kreuzberg

Workshops to produce concrete poetry, experimental and spoken word performance pieces.
The work produced during the workshops will be performed and presented for the public (venue to be announced and date soon).
Where: Wonderbar Studio, Wienerstr. 45, Keuzberg
Date: Tuesday 10th March, Wednesday 11th March, Thursday 12th March
Time: 03.00 p.m - 06.00 p.m
Registration to participate in these workshops, please contact Lady Gaby

Other activities:
À cet âge du jour, Fais de Beaux rêves !
German-french reading and +
With: Frédéric Blanc-Règne
Music: Michel Turchetti
Text: Gerhard Liegl, Anna Schwester
Where: able kulturverein, Hobrechtstrasse 28, Neukölln
Date: Saturday 14. March 2009, 03.00 p.m

Chambre d'écoute (listening room)
Chambre d'écoute is an audio format: a CD, a walkman and headphones are installed in Berliner Teesalon. Contributions by Birgit Szepanski, Tina Wamsganz, Cosima Weiter, Sandra Truté, Marie Chartron and Nicola Caroli, Karin Babbe and the pupils of class 5c of the Erika-Mann-Grundschule.
Where: Berliner Teesalon, Invalidenstr. 160, Mitte
Opening times: Mo-Fri 10.00 a.m - 07.00 p.m, Sat: 10.00 a.m - 04.00 p.m
Date: 02. 15. March 2009


Apotheker, a heterogeneous studio for audiovisual creation in Paris, will participate in “Printemps des poètes – Berlin09” for their Dasein project.
Dasein, which was initiated by Estelle Beauvais, will present a series of documentaries about alternative artistic ‘rendez-vous’ in and between Paris and Berlin, focussing on human exchanges and relationships that are building up networks over time. The project can be summarized in three ideas: rendez-vous, underground, Paris-Berlin. “Printemps des poètes – Berlin09” will be the pilot episode, for which Estelle Beauvais and Lucie Rezsöhazy from Apotheker will be in Berlin, as producer-video director-reporter and journalist-translator-interpreter respectively.
For more information, questions or suggestions, please contact:

Die Feder - sound collage
For Chambre d'écoute Nicola Caroli leads a workshop with headmaster Karin Babbe to the poem "Die Feder" by Joachim Ringelnatz with the children of class 5c of the Erika Mann Grundschule.

Ear scratching
Book art performance
The artists Petrus Akkordeon and corn.elius are going to draw, write and print two original artists‘ books. An open result project !
Where: Plattform.moabit, Oldenburgerstraße 3a, Moabit
Date: Saturday 07. March 2009, 02.00 p.m - 07.00 p.m

Tina Wamsganz and Anders A. Bachmann are reading poetry and prose.
Where: wOrt, Prinzenallee 59, Wedding
Date: Sunday 15. March 2009, 09.00 p.m

First steps
Where: Shop BazAra, Sanderstr. 27, Neukölln
Date: 14. and 15. März 2009, 03.00 p.m - 06.00 p.m

Funny Rhymes & Graffiti
Reading funny German rhymes, then freestyle writing workshop for mixing rhymes and Berlin graffiti styles.
Where: Loesje, Karl Kungerstr. 55,
Date: 12. March 09, 08.30 p.m - 10.30 p.m

I am a poet
Taking e-bay as a performance space Natalia Mali is selling a poem of her own composition. Auction start: 12.00 p.m. on 02. March 2009, auction ends: 12.00 p.m. on 15. March 2009

I'm the captain, i'm the skipper, i'm the crew

Creating space between spoken words and poetic body expression
Where: k-salon, kreuzberg, Bergmannstraße 54, Kreuzberg
Date: Saturday 07. March 2009 - 07.30 p.m

"I am the mother of the insane"
Murat Önol is a painter and video artist who works a lot with words. For Printemps des Poètes, Berlin09 he contributes an image to the lines of the poem "Iron Hans" by Anne Sexton.

© Murat Önol

Installation für 26 Buchstaben (Installation for 26 Letters)
For adult and children from 8 years.
Mini-installations take the place of the usual A-Z register of a book shelf and invite to look at, touch and listen to each letter. A project by Sivan Berlin, Nicola Caroli and Sophie Watzlawick.
Thanks to Irene Müller and Heidrun Hübner-Gepp of Bibliothek am Luisenbad, Sophie Watzlawick and Marcello Busato for the sound, Rafi Leshem and Jörg Richter for their support.
Where: Bibliothek am Luisenbad,
Travemünderstr 2, at the corner of Pankstr, Wedding
Date: From 02. - 15. March 2009
Another chance to see the exhibition installation für 26 buchstaben. It will run for another week from the 16th to 21st March.
Opening times: Mo-Fri: 10.00 a.m - 07.30 p.m, Sat: 10.00 a.m - 02.00 p.m
Guided tour through the installation on Saturday 07. March and 14. March at 11.30 a.m
More info:

Kranke Sakramente (Sick sacraments)
Reading in german from the book „Kranke Sakramente“ by Theodor di Ricco.
Where: K-salon, Bergmannstr.54, Kreuzberg
Date: Tuesday 03. March 2009, 07.30 p.m

Lady GABY presents GABY GLITTER & guests
poetry & spoken word performances with electronic music
Where: Wonderbar Studio, Wienerstr. 45, Kreuzberg
Date: Sunday 15. March, 08.00 p.m start

La vache qui rit, Krowa, która się śmieje, Laughing Cow, Die lachende Kuh.

Agnieszka Rubinroth, Ewa Maria Slaska, Katarzyna Krenz read.
Where: WIR - Galerie Zero Köpenicker Str. 4, Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg
Date: Friday 13. March 2009, 08.00 p.m


For Printemps des Poètes, Berlin09 graphic designer Alexander Tibus designed the logo.
Every activitiy can be marked with this Logo, available in eps-format for downloading under:
Please use the logo for your flyers, programme, poster, website, invitation, emails etc.

Lyric moment
By Julia de Boor & Steffen Rothamel
Exhibition with music.
Photographies and poems are exhibited and is set to live cello music.
Where: "Kurz & Klein", Hobrechtstr. 15, Neukölln
Date: 14. March 2009, 10.00 a.m - 03.00 p.m
Admission: 2,50 Euros

No Visa
Poems by Hamid Saidji and Missoum Boumedienne; short movies by Hamid Saidji.
Where: Restaurant Salamat - Dunckerstr. 18, Prenzlauerberg
Date: Tuesday 10. March 2009, 07.00 p.m

Our feathered friends
Homage to our feathered friends by Remo V. Lotano will be visible in the window of the artist collective BaBa-Berlin. Our feathered friends is a small poem accompanied with a visual element to emotionally guide the viewer.
Where: BaBa-Berlin, Dieffenbachstr. 52, Kreuzberg
Date: From 5th. March to 11. March 2009

Paradise Exchange
Romana Zahrovsky (15) visited Nina Pagalies's Paradoxe Paradiese and wrote a text about her impressions of the exhibition. Together with Nicola Caroli she reworked her text (To read under Documentation).


Twelve performers act as mediums of the poem „Permission“ by Nâhid Kabiri to the passers-by at Savignyplatz. Each performer is allocated lines of the poem and is asked to express his/her impressions of the poem. In silence, with speech or movement the group embodies the whole poem.
Where: Savigny Platz, Charlottenburg
Time: Saturday 14. and
Sunday 15. March 2009
Part I: Start at 05.00 p.m til 05.30 p.m, then a break at a cafe so that interested members of the public can spend some time with the performers.
Part II: Start at 06.15 p.m til 06.45 p.m

Plupart du Temps
For Chambre d'écoute Marie Chartron creates a sound piece after "Plupart du Temps" by the poet Pierre Reverdy.

Three ephemeral interventions on three streets: Gleimstr., Swinemünderstr., Graunstr., Prenzlauerberg-Wedding, by Cécile Belmont, Birgit Szepanski, Sandra Truté.

In a selected area, between the former East- and West part of Berlin three streets add up to the letter P, like a Poem: Gleimstrasse, Swinemünderstrasse and Graunstrasse.
Along this imaginary and real line diverse things, times and situations are colliding: the history of the Berlin wall, the departed “border area”, the two districts Prenzlauer Berg and Wedding, and their different social structure.
The three artists Cécile Belmont (Letter Performance), Birgit Szepanski (Street Poem) and Sandra Truté (Acoustic portrait) refer to this street situation. Their Poem concept focuses on everyday life, the hidden stories, the tension between past and present and the poetic potentiality of this area in Berlin. Birgit Szepanski

Buchstaben Performance / Letter Performance by Cécile Belmont
Two individuals roam separately through the „P streets“. Each one carries a piece of a sentence printed on its clothing. They wander tirelessly looking for each other. And sometimes, they manage to find each other. Briefly, for the time of their encounter, the completed sentence is finally readable. Then, the two individuals separate again, each one leaving in his own direction. Like a bizarre love story, this work is a social allegory reflecting our need to come together. It underlines the necessary interlacing with the others’ path to constitute our personal history.
- They look for each other
- They find each other
- They share „a bit of road“
- They part ways.

Strassengedicht / Street Poem by Birgit Szepanski

© Birgit Szepanski
How could I write a short story about three streets? A fictional story – about a woman on a bicycle drives through the three streets, searching for her boy-friend – makes the storyline, that connecting the streets to a scene. It is an open ended story about her inner voice, her doubts, loss and her own view of the streets. Maybe this story could be a real story, maybe it has happened once – or maybe not.
Printed on a small paper, thrown in letter boxes along the streets this story becomes a “fleeting poem” for every inhabitant of the streets. The reader could imagine, if the story is real, when it happens or how the story ends. Maybe the reader will keep this slip of paper, throw it away or use it as a bookmark – the moment during the reading, before the letter box or inside the apartment, creates a short poetical situation.

Akustisches Portrait / Acoustic Portrait by Sandra Truté

© Sandra Truté
An acoustic portrait of three streets through the sounds of environmental noise: Cars passing by, the noise of working machines beside the streets, screaming wheels in front of the traffic light, shouting people, barking dogs, from far away you can hear an airplane…
Overlapping fragments of sounds, that are hiding in most urban environments and that are most people perceives as an overload of the senses. Through the period of time (2th of March until 15th of March) I will accompany three streets, Gleimstrasse, Swinemünderstrasse and Graunerstrasse with my microphones. I will collect noises as a sound file and will compose them to a sound piece. I will create a Sound-Collage that includes the time and the date of the accommodation through an acoustic audio signal: A type time sound signal, similarly an announcement of an answering machine.

Where: Gleimstr., Swinemünderstr., Graunstr., Prenzlauerberg-Wedding
Date: 02. - 15. March 2009

Poetry of walking
Interactive installation with videos (43 secs). First a showing, then a walk performance for participating.
Where: wOrt, Prinzenallee 59, Wedding
Date: Sunday 08. March 2009
Start from 05.00 p.m. Open Bar. Performance 06.00 p.m.

Poetry mediator
If you have an idea or a poem and you don't yet exactly know how to implement or present it, contact Nicola Caroli. She is poetry mediator für Printemps des Poètes, Berlin 09.

Present of 10 words ("Das Geschenk der zehn Worte" )
Word Installation by Anna Görner and Jeanette Schäfer
Where: wOrt, Prinzenallee 59, Wedding
Date: 13., 14. and 15. March 2009, 06.00 p.m - 09.00 p.m

Prompt poetisch polyglott
Reading: Lesung: Lecture: Lectura: Leitura

4 poets, 5 languages, 1 reading
Ricardo Domeneck (Brasil), Odile Kennel (Deutschland), Sandra Santana (España), Damien Spleeters (Belgique)
Where: ZADIG französische Buchhandlung/librairie française - Linienstr. 141, Mitte
Booking: 030 - 280 999 05
Date: 11. March 2009 - 07.00 p.m

"Provence in der Provinz" (Provence in the Provinces)
Reading and Chansons

"Is Pathos today merely something to Laugh at?"
Reading by DieterRitaScholl with texts by Colette, Katharina Mansfield, Rilke, Baudelaire... and chansons by Dalida.

© Tina Cassati
Where: Provinz Bouchéstr. 79a - Alt-Treptow
Tel.: 030 - 547 85 420
Dates: 07. und 14. March 2009, 08.00 p.m
Where: Bellevue Yorckstr. 76, Kreuzberg
Booking: 030 - 39 22 561 and 030 - 78 50 392 / 0171 94 22 781
Dates: 06. and 13. March 2009, 08.00 p.m

Guardant Mugglestone (Denver/Colorado) reads poetry (Berlin-Premiere!)
Tobias Herold liest Gedichte (Sein Debüt Kruste erscheint im Herbst 2009 im Elfenbein Verlag) + special guest: Alessandro De Francesco (Lyon)
Where: Literatur- und Pianobar Froschkönig, Weisestr. 17 Berlin - Neukölln
Date: Friday 13. March 2009, 09.00 p.m

Ridefinizione - live reading environment by Alessandro De Francesco (poetry) and
Paolo Ingros
so (laptop voice processing)
The texts of Ridefinizione have been originally written in Italian by Alessandro and are now published in five languages in some 15 internationally renowned poetry reviews. In STEIM sessions the texts have been recorded (Shure condenser microphone, Fireface 800 audio hardware on Macintosh) live by Alessandro, Paolo and the Dutch artist Vincent W. J. van Gerven Oei, then processed by Paolo on a Max/MSP patch. This patch, conventionally called “pattern gate”, has been developed and implemented by Paolo specifically for Alessandro’s voice and way of reading. The purpose was to enhance the semantics of the texts trying to produce an advanced poetry–voice–machine live interaction device. This procedure is far away from “sound poetry” tradition, since the texts were previously written not to be performed. Moreover, Alessandro’s reading and Paolo’s treatments have to be conceived as a reading environment instead of a performance, that is to say an audio environment where the perception of poetry is the main aspect, much more than the performers themselves.

Where: Ausland, Lychenerstr. 60, Prenzlauerberg
Date: 14. March 2009, opening: 08.00 p.m, start: 09.00 p.m
NEU!: + special guest DIETER M. GRÄF

Salon du mot
By art.flavour (Annton Beate Schmidt & Thomas Bräuhäuser)
White walls, coarse wooden floors; two functional store rooms change into an exotic, opulent parlour reminiscent of the last century. A metamorphosis of gallery, chansons (Maike Katrin Schmidt) and culinary quotations (Thomas Bräuhäuser).
Where: Sanderstr. 20, Neukölln
Installation: 13. March 2009, from 08.00 p.m; 14. & 15. March 2009, from 02.00 p.m - 08.00 p.m
Event: 13. March 2009, 08.00 p.m - open end
Admission: 5 Euros

Short Sayings
A collection of brief poetical notes by Katrin Alt
Date: 02. - 15. March 2009

Shout and Whisper Poetry
The poets and artists Petrus Akkordeon and Georg Kakelbeck are reading from their Shout- and Whisper Poetry
Where: Staircase under the Joachim Tiburtiusbridge / Berlin - Steglitz / close by U-Bahnhof Schloßstraße.
Date: Friday 06. March 2009
Time: 07.00 p.m - 07.30 p.m

A photo exhibition by Sulamith Sallmann.
If we don't focus directly on the lines of a book, a film and such like, we are walking about and usually looking around with quick movements, perceiving things for our orientation in the moving blur, experiencing our environment and ourselves often via reflections, mirrorings, boards. Our field of vision loses itself on the borders in soft focus. For Printemps des Poètes, Berlin09 she juxtaposes words/sentences with her images.
Where: Musenstube,Tellstr. 2, Neukölln
Exhibition: From 06. - 15. March 2009 (opening time: from 07.00 p.m)
Vernissage with music: 06. March 2009, from 07.00 p.m

So romantic
Project by Gaëlle de Radiguès
Tieck, Novalis, Schlegel and Eichendorff, four poets, four streets in Berlin Mitte.
The poems by these romantic poets will be reanimated in the streets named after them. And in the little park you‘ll find wood poems.
Where: Tieckstr., Novalisstr., Schlegelstr., Eichendorffstr., Mitte
Date: 04. - 15. March 2009

Spanisch ist Magnet (Spanish is magnet)
Creating texts with magnet letters/words, freestyle. Tapas and wine. An event by Cristina Sahuquillo Martínez.
Where: wOrt, Prinzenallee 59, Wedding
Date: Thursday 05. March 2009
Time: 06.00 p.m -10.00 p.m
© Cristina Sahuquillo Martínez

Stories from the Heart
Chansons to texts from the old testament, sung in Hebrew, narrated free-style in German and accompanied by accordion and drum.
Where: Kino und Café am Ufer, Uferstr. 12, Wedding
Date: Sunday 08. March, 11.00 a.m

Street note
Intervention in urban space

Désirer, c'est construire un ensemble

Je salue le miracle économique, mais ce que je voudrais vous montrer, ce sont les fêtes de quartier.

Text und Tinte:
Poems and drawings by Kerstin Parlow

© Kerstin Parlow
Where: Artillerie, Exerzierstraße 10, Wedding
Date: 06. March - 03. April 2009
Private view: Friday 06. March 2009, 08.00 p.m
Reading: Friday 06. March 2009, 09.00 p.m
Opening times: Tuesday and Friday, from 02.00 p.m to 05.00 p.m

Japanese haiku in French
Date: 02. - 15. March 2009

Vergissmeinnicht (Forget me not)
Walk-in installation to the poem Vergissmeinnicht (Forget me not) by Hans Arp as part of Nina Pagalies‘s solo-exhibition "Das paradoxe Paradies". One enters a truly surreal creation in which shifty characters encounter unsuspecting fabulous animals, dustcarrying shadow hoods go about their dubious business and sailing vessels start knitting.

Where: Neurotitan / Haus Schwarzenberg - Rosenthalerstr 39, Mitte
Tel: 030 - 30872576
Date: From 02. - 07. March 2009
Opening times: Mo-Sa 12.00 - 08.00 p.m - Su 02.00 p.m - 07.00 p.m
© Nina Pagalies

Visual poetry, an experiment
An event by Brückeverbindet e.V.
Programme: Served poems (Alex), Visual audio sounds (Theaterwerktstatt von unerhört e.V., directed by Guiseppe Giuranna), Animated poetry (Regina Bäck and Katrin Appel), poetry for the deaf (Orkan Sees)
Open stage with contributions from the audience.

© Theaterwerkstatt von unerhört e.V.
Where: Brückeverbindet e.V., Schulzestr. 1, Pankow
Date: Saturday 14. March 2009, 08.00 p.m - 07.30 p.m
Admission: 5 Euros for adult - 3 Euros for children

Creation and sticking on of posters, every day a new one, creating a poetic artwork in perpetuity ephemeral.
Where: Brunnenstrasse (Wedding-Mitte)
Date: 02. - 15. March 2009
© SP 38

Waiting room poetry

During the first week of Printemps des Poètes, Berlin 09 the usual newspaper and magazines in the waiting room will make way for poetry books by women poets.
Where: Halder/Medenbach gynacological practice - Bundesallee 56, Wilmersdorf
Date: From 02. - 06. March 2009
Please call for surgery opening hours
Tel.: 030 - 85 37 051


Collective of writers in Wedding: Holger Haak, Reinmar Schott, Lioba Reckfort
Karl Wuppke runs riot.
Karl Wuppke is an original and the concierge of the house in Sprengel street 28, whose residents and stories we will get to know during our little literary trip. There are for example the philosophy student Thomas Bruch, who is in love with the vendor of the bakery. Joe Kuhl, who earns his living as a taxi driver and doesn't say no to beer and noisy music. A resolute Miss Marple in the person of Mrs. Kapinski mustn't be missing. She traces her lost piece of furniture by the second-hand dealer round the corner. This and more will be there to discover together, when we'll explore the district reading passages from the "Sprengelkiez-Novel" at the original locations.
Where: Original locations in Wedding - Sprengel district
Meeting point: Sprengelpark - Entry at Sprengelstrasse at the airplane monument
Date: Sunday 08 March 2009, 12.00 a.m to 02.00 p.m
Tel.: 0176 49 02 00 12

"Wozu braucht man Gedichte?" (Why do we need poems?)
An animation film (2008) by Antonia Isabelle Weisz (Lyric) and Thurit Antonia Kremer (Animation) to see under
Contact: -

A place to read, have tea and play with letter magnets
Where: Prinzenallee 59, Wedding
Date: 6. March 09 and 13. March 09, 03.00-06.00pm

Zwei Musen zeichnen live (two muses drawing live)
Live drawing by Maki Shimizu and Annette Köhn in their studio. You can read poetry, there‘s live music and tea and cake.
Where: Die Musenstube, Tellstr. 2, Neukölln
Date: 14. March 2009, 03.00 p.m - 10.00 p.m


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